Abstract: Self compacting concrete is fluid mixture applicable for introducing in structures with congested reinforcement without giving any vibration. SCC does not require any external devices for compaction so that it reduces the noise pollution at work sites. Additionally, SCC technology has improved qualitized surface, increment in strength and good durability. Due to productivity of SCC is rapidly  improved through the absence of vibration compaction, the cost of construction becomes low.This work aimed to investigate the effect of glass fiber with the addition of different admixtures such as fly ash and GGBS on fresh and hard properties of SCC and obtained conclusions will be compared with the normal concrete without glass fibers. Addition of glass fiber to the SCC is known as glass fiber reinforced self compacting concrete. By the use of super plasticizers, required amount of workability can be achieved and that will be tested by L-box, U-box, slump flow, V-funnel etc.

The main advantage of introducing glass fiber is to achieve good compressive strength as well as flexural strength and it would acts as good crack arresters in the SCC. percentage of glass fibers added to the scc is ranges from 0 to 0.2% by the volume of mix. Mix design is done for M50 grade of concrete and percentage of weight of cement is replaced by 25% of fly ash and 25% of ground granulated blast furnace. Usage of mineral admixtures in SCC mix, will helps to improve the reological properties of SCC such as strength properties, durability, workability etc.

Keywords: Glass fibres, self-compacting concrete, GGBS, Fly ash.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71018

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