Abstract: The Rapid growth of urbanisation in major metro cities in India, the urge for the construction of underground spaces has become a highly commendable topic around the corner in recent times. With the continuous development of social economy, the construction of projects has also shown a trend of rapid rise. With the exploration of construction techniques, comes the challenges of construction in heterogeneous geology at different project location. The subsurface characteristics and its behaviours is well studied and understood before proceeding towards the execution of the project. This helps in minimising Project cost and avoiding major losses due to surprises the Geological Characteristic of the Projects has. Various advanced technologies and the comparison of the construction machine and equipment have been applied to conclude the methods for construction projects in underground Spaces. One of which is the underground diaphragm wall, which is widely used in engineering construction technology. The construction period is short, for less affected by the geological conditions, the construction efficiency is relatively high, and the subject has been widely used in the current construction Scenarios in Underground space. This article will analyse the application of the construction technology of the diaphragm wall construction and put forward corresponding measures.

 This work performs an extensive literature survey and example investigation on the mitigation of slurry wall trenches during the construction of diaphragm wall panel trenches, and the failure modes of slurry wall trench instability, the stability theoretical analysis models and methods, the slurry formation and its protection mechanism, the influence of related factors on slurry wall trench stabilisation, and other related problems are summarized and analysed emphatically.

Furthermore, an example application shows that the established slurry unit weight design method is reliable. At last, this paper also proposes the focus and direction for follow-up work, that is, to construct an accurate and effective theoretical analysis model of slurry wall trench instability considering the influence of multiple factors and the calculation method of the slurry cake and its mechanical or mathematical relationship with slurry quality.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10922

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