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Abstract: Nowadays the farmer and the fisherman have many problems in the world. In agriculture the crops are affected by the disease with causes by the insects and pets and in another hand the fishermen are being killed for crossing the boundary of the neighbouring country. This project is used to give a deep description about the crop disease detection (case 1) and the border alert detection (case 2) using IoT. This paper include various features like detection of leaf disease, server based remote monitoring system, humidity sensing and temperature of the soil sensing for developing the agriculture and also include various features for alerting the fishermen while crossing the boundaries of neighbouring countries to save the fishermen life.

Keywords: Arduino Uno, Soil Moisture Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Wi-Fi Module,GPS (Global Position System) module,GSM(Global System Mobile for communication),LCD Display,Engine controllerr and Power supply

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7518

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