ABSTRACT: The ever-growing internet usage has also increased user data. This user data collectively known as Big Data is the reason behind the increasing data breaches. The data of thousands of users is compromised every day. But this is not the only threat that we are facing. Digital Advertisements are one of the greatest means of capital generation in the present time. Companies earn by showing advertisements to the users, based on their search queries. Due to this illegal use of personal and private data to increase business profits is also increasing nowadays. This is a breach of privacy concerns. In a country like India having no data protection law makes it much easier for such tech giants. Although there are a few laws regarding privacy, but all of them aren't sufficient in this internet-driven world. Now, whatever laws are there that prevent them from doing so, till now Indian citizens are dependent on them only. The proposed regimes under the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 are expected to be much more robust in protecting data in comparison to existing regimes, which are incapable of protecting data sufficiently. This paper provides a comparison of existing and proposed rules and regulations for data protection. It also provides an overview of how personal data is used to generate capital.

Keywords: Data, Information, Laws, Rules, Breach, Theft.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8845

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