Abstract: The current dense traffic on the road leading to increase in road accidents of  two wheeler vehicles. The one of the reason which increases the risk of accidents is people forgetting to lift up the side stand of their vehicles. Also it is very common for the pillion rider to forget to unlock the footrest before taking his seat and trying to do that while the vehicle is in motion is a risky affair as it disturbs the balance of the vehicle. The main objective of this project is counter these problems by installing electrically operated servo motor driven mechanisms for lifting and unlocking the side stand and the footrest respectively. The mechanism works on the signals sent to it by a microcontroller circuit, which generates these signals based on the user code feed to it. By integrating this mechanism to the vehicle, the side stand will automatically left off when the vehicle is in motion and the footrest will automatically unlock when an adult passenger is seated on the vehicle's pillion seat.

Keywords: Automated, Side Stand Retrieving, Footrest Retrieving, Arduino.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10629

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