Abstract: Agriculture is considered as a foundation of life, since the primary source food and other raw accoutrements is from the husbandry. Agriculture is facing serious challenges like failure of agrarian labour. nearly every pastoral family keeps at least a cow or buffalo for meeting milk demand and to earn some plutocrat for diurnal charges. The milk product is generally affected by cattle feeding. Chaff knife is a hay or straw cutting machine which is used in livery mincing of the fodder for beast or raw material to agro diligence. The colorful types of fodder can be reused in this machine are probe lawn, green lawn, dry sludge straw, and wheat stalk. The final products can be used to feed cattle, scapegoats, deer, and nags. It can also reuse cotton stalk, dinghy, small branches, they can also be used to induce electricity, and to make paper. Coconut is the fruit of a coconut win belonging to area cacae family and it's used in one third of the population in the world. Till date there were numerous ways involved to peel the coconut. These styles are extensively used for removing of the coconut cocoon but the coconut farmers can not go to enjoy an automated machines used in developed countries because of high cost. After considering high cost of the chaff knife and coconut dehusking machine a result is proposed which will allow a planter to use both the operation on a single machine. This will make it easy for the planter who has 4- 5 cattle’s as well as coconut trees at their home.

Keywords: husbandry, Chaff knife, Coconut dehusking, machine, High cost


PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10641

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