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Abstract: The need to minimize wastage from agricultural produce cannot be over emphasized. as mechanisation is introduced to the agricultural sector gradually in developing nations, so the harvest yield is in the increase continuously, maize which is majorly seasonal produce, needs to be dried and stored to make it available during the non-harvesting period. the drying of grains for mechanized farmers requires the development of a medium-scale solar dryer of 231 kg grains of maize in a batch of two layers. A solar grain dryer, rectangular with a transparent top, which sizes is 1244 mm by 3988 mm by 1229 mm was designed and constructed of metal sheet, wood and glass. The evaluation of its performance was carried out in rural areas. The design is based on the achievable temperature of 50℃ to 60℃. The grain dryer capacity is 23 kg/day of maize. The recommendations for effective dryer maintenance were stated which are within the technical capability of local farmers.

Keywords: Chamber, Dryer, Layers, Maize, Performance, Solar and Wastage

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7508

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