Abstract: The increase in demand for refrigeration globally in the field of air-conditioning, food preservation, medical services, vaccine storages, and for electronic components temperature control led to the production of more electricity and consequently an increase in the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere which in turn leads to global warming and many climatic changes. Thermoelectric refrigeration is a new different because it can reduce the use of electricity to produce cooling effect and also meet today's energy challenges. Therefore, the need for thermoelectric refrigeration in developing countries is very high where long life and low maintenance are needed. The objectives of this study is to develop a working thermoelectric refrigerator to cool that utilizes the Peltier effect to cool and maintain a selected temperature range of 5 0C to 25 0C. The design requirements are to cool this volume to temperature within a short time and provide retention of at least next half an hour. The design and development of thermoelectric refrigerator for required applications are presented.

Keywords: Thermoelectric Module, Peltier plate, Heat sink, Blower

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6304

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