Abstract: Agriculture is a backbone of our country. About almost of our country’s revenue comes from agriculture. But during heavy rain falls, the farmers face lot of problems because there cultivated crops get washed off or destroyed. So, in order to avoid this problem this project is designed which helps if saving the crops from heavy rainfall and protecting that rain water to use it for other purposes. In this system an automatic roof is inculcated which works by taking the signals from the rain and soil moisture sensors and covers the whole field to protect it from heavy rains. Whenever there is rainfall the rain sensor gets activated. Then the controller indicates the DC motor to run which opens the roof automatically to close the field using a polythene sheet. Which is implemented is “Automated irrigation system with partition facility for effective irrigation of small scale farms” (AISPF). But this method has some drawbacks which can be improved and here we are with a method called “Automated irrigation system using weather prediction for efficient usage of water resources" (AISWP).

Keywords: Design of framework, Catia, sensors.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8813

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