Abstract: As agriculture is the backbone of India. It is Important to spread the manure and spray pesticides to crops in order to protect it, So that it avoids the crops to get rotten and infected from pathogenic organisms like fungi, bacterium , mycoplasma, parasites and insects . As our farmers are still using the same method of scattering the chemicals in a same old fashioned way that is, by carrying it on their back and using their hands which is harmful to their Skin and it is also time and energy consuming. So, we are aiming to simplify the method of spraying pesticides and spreading manure to the crops, by this it also reduces the labour cost for the farmers. As spraying of pesticides and spreading of Manure cannot be done simultaneously, hence by introducing a detachable setup, the farmer will just have to push the cart with easy operation. It is a multipurpose model that is efficient in operation.

Keywords - Pesticide Spraying Machine, Manure.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8698

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