Abstract: Glaucoma is a very serious case of eye disease which may lead to permanent and irreversible blindness if left untreated. The retinal image analysis involves usage of various structural and texture features of retinal images. Various image processing techniques are used for the detection of glaucoma. Some of its key elements to detect glaucoma includes image registration, fusion, segmentation, feature extraction, enhancement, pattern matching, image classification, analysis and various statistical measurements. The main idea behind this paper is to describe various image processing techniques for the detection of glaucoma.  As years go by, number of medical assistants are  reducing whereas the demand for health care is increasing. The methods mentioned in this review has its own advantages and disadvantages. Success rate of each method is mentioned. These methods will be helpful for one to choose an optimum method in future. Once glaucoma is detected and diagnosed, probability of total permanent blindness in the patients having glaucomatous eye can be avoided.

Keywords: Glaucoma, Segmentation, Enhancement, Feature Extraction, Fundus Images, Retinal Images

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6402

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