Abstract: In Hungary, the quality of lower class roads is inadequate in many cases. Road irregularities cause different vibrations in vehicles. It is important to examine the vibrations generated in vehicles by a given road section as they can lead to a reduction of lifetime or even an immediate failure of suspensions and other structural components. Recently several fire trucks with special vehicle body have also experienced structural failures which have possibly been caused by vibrations from road irregularities. To prove our assumption field measurements were carried out with the Csepel-Metz 755-10 heavy duty fire truck on a selected road section. In this paper the results of numerical simulations and field measurements with a special fire truck is presented. The aim of our research is to draw attention to the importance of the topic and to contribute to the safe operation of fire-fighting vehicles.

Keywords: Fire Truck, Field Measurement, Road Profile, Vibrations, Numerical Simulation

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6310

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