Abstract: Accidents in cars often result from brake failure, poor maintenance, or product defects. Monitoring braking systems is crucial for safety and minimizing harmful effects on human life and health. Special safety features are designed for occupants and others to ensure a safe driving experience. Automobiles are the primary mode of transportation, and the brake failure indicator circuit monitors brake condition.

A sensor attached to the circuit monitors the brake switch and reminds the user when brakes are applied. This mechanism involves a brake wire running from the brake lever to the vehicle's braking mechanism, which is pulled when brakes are applied to stop the vehicle. The sensor detects break wires and sends a control signal to the alarm unit. An auxiliary brake is fixed to the wheel frame, applying brakes and stopping the vehicle. A microcontroller analyzes the signal, gives a warning, and activates a secondary braking unit with a disc brake and 12 volt battery. This secondary braking unit helps the driver stop the vehicle, ensuring passenger safety.

Keywords: brake, poor maintenance, circuit monitor, product defects, brake failure.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10674

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