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Abstract: The cornerstone of our project is Women Empowerment; by providing them with an Automatic Baby Monitoring System, with a special focus on developing countries. This project is the personification of a Smart Baby Cradle, brought about by integrating distinctive features i.e. automatic cradle swing (using cry detection system), interactive toys and communication module (for monitoring purposes), in a single unit. The current era of digitization provides a large-scale availability of data as well as computing capability which can be used to bridge the gap between a child and a working mother. This paper proposes the use of “Smart Cradle” an E-Cradle which involves the use of Internet of Things. The proposed solution involves live monitoring of the child through a mobile application remotely. The smart cradle incorporates the use of PIR sensor for monitoring the movement of the child; Noise sensor for the detection of the child’s crying activity and automatically swings the cradle to soothe the child. The DHT sensor notifies the parent about the body temperature of the child via text message, when the temperature goes above the set threshold. The solution also includes moisture sensor to maintain the hygiene of the child. The proposed system uses the cloud service for remotely monitoring the child.

Keyword: E- Cradle, Internet of Things, Cry Detection, Sensors, Automatic Baby Monitoring

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7108

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