Abstract: Distributed generation is very important role in electrical power system in near future. Distributed energy which produce electricity from small energy sources. the energy sources are directly connected to low or medium voltage distribution systems. the insertion of DG system into existing distribution network has great impact on real time system operation and planning. The aim of integration DG into all generation plants reduce the cost and greenhouse emission. In distributed power generation market  micro turbine generation systems are currently attracting in order to meet customer needs. In order to investigate the performance  of micro turbine generation system their efficient modelling is required. DG also helps reduce  power losses and improving the system power quality .this paper presents a dynamic model of a MTG system, suitable for grid connected/islanding  operation. The components of the system are built from the dynamics of each part with their interconnections .In this paper design a passive filter is designed to reduction of harmonics in the system. The MTG system is a complicated thermo dynamical system with a high speed of rotation ,frequency conversion and its control strategy.  In spite of several techniques to  control high speed of micro turbine is not  accurate and reliable due to their antiinterference problem, The fuzzy logic based speed governor  for a MTG system as an alternative to nominal PI or lead lag based controller. The development of fuzzy logic based speed governor including input and output membership functions with their respective members. The load variation of MTG system is performed using conventional and fuzzy logic controller.

Index Terms: Distributed generation, micro turbine ,permanent  magnet synchronous generator ,power conditioning unit ,filter islanding mode,  power quality

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7421

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