Abstract: One of the costliest and highest types of flexible pavement layer used is bituminous concrete or asphalt concrete. Construction of highways involves huge outlay of investment. To satisfy the design requirements of stability and durability the bituminous mixes should be designed effectively. The ingredients of the bituminous mixture include dense grading of coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, fillers and bitumen binder. In this study an attempt was made to find the effect of filler on the behaviour of bituminous mixes. Filler plays an important role in the filling of voids and hence change the physical and chemical properties. An important role is played by the fillers that pass through 0.075mm sieve. Conventionally stone dust is used as filler. An attempt has been made in this investigation to assess the influence of non-conventional and cheap fillers such as brick dust and steel slag in bitumen paving mixes. The properties of bituminous mixes containing these fillers were studied and compared with each other. Various tests were also conducted on aggregates and bitumen and the results were compared with the specifications. Brick dust and Steel slag as fillers with 2%, 3.5%, 5%, and 6.5% was used to improve the physical characteristics of bitumen mixes.

Key words: Steel slag, Brick dust, Marshall Stability test.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8209

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