Abstract: Shredded or floss is one of the ready-to-eat dry food which is usually made from meat. The type of floss that is suitable for vegetarians is shredded vegetable. Shredded vegetable is made from vegetable ingredients which contain lots of fiber that similar to meat fibers such as oyster mushroom and banana blossom. In this study, the manufacture of shredded vegetable made from several proportions of oyster mushrooms and banana blossom was carried out. The results of the analysis of the water content of shredded vegetable ranged from 4.85-5.31%, water activity 0.417-0.465, soluble fiber content 1.06-2.24%, insoluble fiber content 3.13-4.28%, lightness 25.66-29.66, chroma 3.31-6.25, and hue 23.34-62.48. The best treatment for shredded was found in the proportion of oyster mushrooms and banana blossoms with 90:10% (w/w), with an area of 61.1203, the level of preference for color (5.6875), taste (5.3375), aroma (5.3750), and appearance (5.7125).

Keywords: banana blossom, best treatment, oyster mushroom, physicochemical, organoleptic, shredded vegetable.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8721

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