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Abstract: Corrosion is a natural process which converts a refined metal to a more chemically stable form, such as its oxides or hydroxides. It is the gradual destruction of materials is chemical and electrochemical reactions with their environment. In industries, corrosion occurs due to the use of solvents in the process, the most widely used agent is HCL and H2SO4. In present work, HCL is used as acidic medium to study the effect of neem leaf (Azadirachtaindica) and aloe vera(Aloebarbedensis) extracts as green inhibitor on the corrosion of mild steel immersed in 1N HCL acid time interval of 1 hour,3 hour and 5 hours at temperature of 30oC, 50oC and 70oC. The results showed that the neem leaf and aloe vera has excellent inhibition efficiency and can be used as ecofriendly inhibitors as they are also cost effective and can reduce the use of chemical inhibitors.

Key words: Neem leaf, Aloe vera, Mild steel, Green inhibitor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81006

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