Abstract: Academic Library is a heart of the institution it provides a place for students and faculty to learn and enhance their knowledge. E-learning and e-Resources are part and parcel of modern library systems. Libraries and librarians like commercial publishers were soon to feel the virtues of Web and started using it as a carrier for disseminating information resources. What distinguishes current networked resource discovery from the traditional library model is the limited, if almost non-existent, role of surrogates in the process. This study was undertaken to determine the awareness and usage pattern of the library electronic resources among Government Colleges. tried to know the level of awareness & use of e-resources among Post-Graduate students in various Government First Grade Colleges in Bangalore. Closed ended questionnaire was used to collect the data from respondents a total of 186 samples out 200 students.

Keywords: E-Resources, Awareness, N-LIST, Information Products

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.9443

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