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Abstract: The turning operation includes a lathe machine conventional or CNC turning centre, a lubricant, tool, operator and a raw material for accomplishing the production. The parameters for machining like the speed, feed, and depth of the cut should be set to perform the desired rate of production, longer tool life and a desired surface finish over the component. To handle these varying requirements, the variables for machining should be optimized for recommending a best mix for realizing, for example, surface finish. Achieving a higher rate of production for the considered surface finish would be the objective of this project. For experimentation over this proposed work, a CNC turning centre would be engaged for machining the different work piece material is stainless steel (SS410 )with different types of cutting tool inserts (CARBIDE and CERAMIC) with a set of values for the given parameters. The procedure would be continued for various values of the parameters while keeping the other constant.Taguchi method is used for finding the optimized solution.

Keywords: CNC turning, stainless steel (SS410), CARBIDE and CERAMIC, surface finish.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81124

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