Abstract: Before we start speaking our native language, we listen it first, then speak, we read and finally we write. We have four basic skills in English- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. All we need to develop to make our communication complete. Among these four skills, Listening and Reading are receptive skills whereas Speaking and Writing are Productive skills. However, it is quite difficult for the students or second language learners to speak a foreign language especially English. Reasons are many. It may be due to lack of or absence of ideas, lack of vocabulary, lack of exposure to speak or may be lack of impressive teaching methodology. Speaking is very much essential for everyone to express their ideas, thoughts, and to communicate to people. The problem of students’ poor speaking skill can be solved by providing them ample opportunities to practice English. For this the teacher needs to implement innovative methods to make the speaking skill more interesting and improve the speaking abilities of the students. On the other hand, the students too need to be more proactive and should actively participate in each activity conducted in the English classrooms or Language Labs. They should also remain active during interaction with their friends and teachers. The objective of this study is to- implement innovative teaching methods in the classrooms to improve the speaking skill of the students and secondly to enhance the confidence level of the students in speaking skill and develop fluency in speaking.

Keywords: Speaking, Vocabulary, Implement, Language Labs, Innovative.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7705

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