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Abstract: This thematic paper deals with the environmental challenges of India and it initiatives to overcome these hurdles by way of enacting various legislations, administrativerules and regulations and formulating policies. The paper enumerates various aspects of challenges that India is facing. The sub themes are briefly discussed to throw light on the topic. It identifies the laws and policies since 1953, discusses NEP 2006, pin points the environmental degradation and impacts of human action. The global challenges of bio-diversity loss, global warming due to greenhouse gases, forest wild fires, sea eco-system, hazards of waste handling and managements, and other contributing factors are touched to present a bird’s eye view over the posing challenges. The major challenges are biological and physical challenges. Biological challenges like extinction of animals, birds, flora and fauna cause damage to biodiversity. Physical challenges like Global warming, climate variation, floods etc cause extensive loss and damage to life and property. NEP 2006 has discussed various aspects of environmental degradation and warns against human activities undermining environmental protection. Population growth has led to scarcity of air, water, food and living space. Malnutrition savior diseases illleteratrcy, unemployment, poverty are its by-products. Disappearing of mangroves is causing pose marine life challenges and endangering sea ecosystem. Deforestation and mining are threats to the environment. Management and handling of waste of all kinds including e-waste must be strictly according to the laws. Environmental protection laws enacted by the international EPA and Government of India must be addressed fully and environmental justice must be established.

Key Words: Environment protection, Laws and Regulations, Biological and Physical challenges, Human Activities.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8915

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