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Abstract: Removal of cesium from synthetic aqueous solution through adsorption on montmorillonite, under batch equilibrium experimental condition at different values of pH and four temperatures (303, 313, 323, 333 K) was investigated. For this propose the suitability of the Freundlich adsorption model for equilibrium data were investigated. The parameters in the adopted adsorption isotherm models were determined. The study of equilibrium isotherm shows that the best model for analysis of experimental data is freundlich model with correlation coefficient higher than 0.99 (both for temperature and pH). The results showed that increasing of pH and temperature increased the adsorption ability of montmorillonite. Optimum conditions for adsorption were determined as T=323 K, pH=9, montmorillonite dose=1.5 g and contact time of 24 hr. The negative value of the Gibbs free energy ∆G demonstrates the spontaneous nature of cesium adsorption onto montmorillonite.

Keywords: Equilibrium, Thermodynamic studies, Montmorillonite

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6806