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Abstract: The death case of baby TD in early September 2017, required Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital to conduct management restructuring and accreditation. This study aims to analyze the conflicts experienced by Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital with patients in 2017, review conflict management recommended by DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, identify the obstacles faced during the accreditation process, know factors that support the success of Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital reaching for status of plenary accreditation less than six months, evaluate the positive and negative impacts felt, as well as efforts to maintain the system after accreditation. In this study, qualitative method was used with data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews, field observations, and documents review. The study was conducted on 10 informants representing the government, management, and hospital employees. The success of Mitra Keluarga Kalideres Hospital is influenced by leadership and management capabilities in empowering employees, as well as the teamwork. The socialization of the implementation of accreditation to all employees was carried out by pit stop technique. After accreditation, employees are more confident because they perform services with clear procedures and patient visits tend to increase. Post-accreditation, system maintenance is carried out through periodic internal and external audits.

Keywords: Conflict Management, Hospital Accreditation, Leadership, Ability, Employee Empowerment, Teamwork

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.5123

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