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Abstract: This paper presents both experimental and analytical study on the behavior of Micro Steel Fiber Reinforced Mortars (MSFRM) with different fiber percentage under impact load. Brass coated micro steel fibers are used by 0%,2%,4%,6%,8% volume of the specimen. The cement mortar ratios are adopted for the study was 1:3 and 1:4. After 7days and 28 days of curing the specimens are tested by Charpy impact test in pendulum impact testing machine. The impact test was analyzed by using ANSYS. The impact load, bending stress, shear stress, load deflection and Stress vs strain curve was calculated. Both the results were validated and discussed. From the results it has been concluded that the impact absorption capacity of 1:3 mortar ratio is higher than 1:4 mortar ratio. As the increase in percentage of micro steel fiber the resistance of specimens against impact also increased.

Keywords: MSFRM, Charpy impact test, Pendulum impact testing machine

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6811