Abstract: To provide the necessary services like water supply, sewage, power, telephone, air conditioning, and computer network, many pipes and ducts are included in today's modernistic architecture. These essential services are typically delivered in the bottom part of the beam, which is then encased with a suspended ceiling for aesthetic reasons, creating a dead area. Additionally, the structural behaviour characteristics of the beam may be compromised by the inclusion of a hole in it. In this study, a useful technique for strengthening RCC beams utilising CFRP is suggested. The aperture that is made in the beam is often either pre- or post-planned. In this work, we investigate the behaviour of RCC beams that have rectangular opening, strengthened with different FRP is studied. Five beams in total were examined, of which one was solid (i.e., had no opening), three were rectangular, added layers of CFRP and GFRP sheathing inside rectangular openings. These beams are all simply supported, and two-point loading is used to examine them. An increase in the load bearing capacity of the RCC beam strengthened with CFRP is found to be more effective. The load carrying capacity and deformation of the beams are studied in detail.

Keywords: CFRP laminates,GFRP laminates, opening in beams, RC beams, strengthening methods

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.91003

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