Abstract:  Mogarkasa forest area is a conservation reserve area declared by the State Government on 10/10/2022.  The Mogarkasa Conservation reserve area is spread over an area of ​​103.92 square meters and is rich in biodiversity. Mogarkasa CR is formed from the reserve forest and protected forest area of Mogarkasa Conservation Reserve falls in Paoni Range (Ramtek Taluka) of the Nagpur Forest Division (Territorial and FDCM) and Lendezari and Jamkandri ranges of  Bhandra Forest Division. The present study carried out in Mogarkasa CR to study exploration, identification, documentation, ethnobotanical importance and to know the forest food biodiversity with respect to food value of wild edible plants used by the local peoples of fringed villages around Mogarkasa CR. The results revealed that, about 91 wild species are found as WEP’s.This study helps to the forest department for preparation of management plan and execution of plan for management of Mogarkasa Conservation Reserve.

Keywords: Mogarkasa Conservation Reserve, Wild edible, Ethnobotany, Nagpur

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10516

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