ABSTRACT: We can measure the eye movement activity using eye tracking technology. We can get information about where we look by using eye tracking. What is overlooked is how the pupil reacts to various stimuli. Although the premise of eye tracking is simple, the technique and interpretation can be quite varied and complex. ET calculates the distance between our eye's gaze points and the top of our head. Eye trackers come in both remote and mobile versions. It keeps track of where we look and how we move our sight. With the use of software, one may analyze, visualize, and interpret this data. We've already known how fingerprint analysis and applications are commonly used, but eye tracking could also be a useful biometric technique for a variety of applications. Eye tracking technology and its varied uses are discussed in this paper. ET is now used in nearly every sector, including psychology, human-computer interface, marketers, designers, academics, medical research, and many more.

Keywords: Fixation, Saccade, Scanpath, Pupil Dilation and Blinking, eye tracking, gaze

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8824

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