Abstract: The purpose of this project is to fabricates and conduct experimental or analysis work on parabolic concentrated solar water heater with solar tracking system that can heat the water from nearly any sources, a system that is relatively cheap, portable, and depends only on renewable solar energy. The motivation for this project is there are many applications of solar thermal energy in different temperature range such as high temperature ranges (above 448K) medium temperature ranges (373K to 448K) and low temperature ranges (below 273K) and one more motivation is their application in agricultural and industrial process heat. Our project goal is to promotes the more and more use of renewable energy resources and to fabrication and analysis or experimental work on parabolic concentrated solar water heater with solar tracking system (manual tracking). Another objective of the project is to understand various components, various relation and equation related to making of solar parabolic collector, and also various relations related to tracking system such as plot sun path diagram, understand solar radiation geometry and also understand the estimation of average solar radiation and analysis of parabolic concentrating collectors. To interpret the results from tabulated values taken from observation. The project entitled Fabrication and analysis of parabolic concentrated solar water heater with solar tracking system consisting the two main works which are as follows: -1 - Fabrication works 2 - Analysis or experimental data calculation works. Fabrications works contains the different fabricated works such as making of parabolic shaped rib skeletons which provide supports to the reflecting surface (such as steel reflecting sheet and chromium reflecting sheets), making of parabolic trough collector, receiver tubes fitting, and making of balances system to provide balances to the system. The analysis or experiment work is conducted with water as a working fluid and reading taken for different flow rates and reflecting surfaces. The calculated values will be tabulated, graphs will be plot and hence efficiency and their performances will be determined for the experimental setups.

Keywords: Parabolic concentrating collector, sun path diagram, solar geometry, Manual tracking system, Parabolic rib skeletons.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8780

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