Abstract: In this project the proposal concept is to replace the manual work in drainage cleaning by automated system. We know that water has a great importance in human being life, the water flow in drain full of wastes like polythene, bottle etc. The drains get blocked due to these wastes in water. Now a day’s even through mechanical machine plays a vital role in all industrial applications in the proper disposal of sewages from industries and commercials are still challenging task. Drainage are using for the disposal and unfortunately sometimes there may be loss of human life while cleaning the blockage in the drainages. The government also spends too much money to clean the drainages. To overcome this problem and to save the human life we implement design “Automatic sewage cleaning system”. We designed our project to use this inefficient way to control the disposal of wastages and with regular filtration of wastages. The system has a wiper motor that starts running as soon as the set-up is switched on. Two power window motors are connected to the wheel and it is driven with the help of the remote control set-up. The process starts collecting the sewage wastes by using the arm and it throws back the waste into the bin fixed in the machine at the bottom. An arm is used to lift the sewage and in turn a bucket is used to collect them. The set-up runs even in sewage area with water (limited to a particular amount) so that the wastages which floats on the water surface also gets collected. The garbage which affects the drainage is also picked up and removed. This system has limited human intervention in the process of cleaning and in turn reduces spreading of diseases to mankind.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7418

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