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Abstract: The knee joint is quite possibly the main piece of the human body. So Demonstrating and reproducing it for various pressure conditions can assist us with understanding its mechanical conduct. Knee joint comprises of various segments, for example femur and tibia which makes it complex design, going through various basic burdens in human body performing movements and proactive tasks. Here we made a knee joint model with legitimate measurements utilizing strong edge programming. The current investigation centers on the weakness examination of the knee joint. The investigation of the typical knee under cyclic stacking assists us with find out about the existence of the get together. What's more, this weariness investigation is completed by utilizing ANSYS 18.1 workbench programming. Then, at that point the exhaustion results are seen with different boundaries. So in the wake of applying the specific limit conditions we will complete the weakness examination with various burdens. Weakness investigation can assist us with find out about the reasons for various knee joint problems. Metal amalgams have been the materials of decision since the beginning of muscular. So here the distinctive bio materials which are utilized here are Titanium amalgam (Ti-6Al-4V), Tempered steel, and Co-Cr-Mo. these are the three materials which are utilized for this specific activity. After that we remove the weariness results for the distinctive bio materials then we begins make the correlation for various bio materials with the assistance of results and graphical view.

Keywords— Knee joint, tibia, femur, fatigue, safety factor.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8927

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