Abstract: Expanding human populace and innovative improvement has prompt increment in flame mishaps and dangers. Unavoidable conditions and physical constraints of person make fire extinguishing a testing and demanding assignment. Fire extinguishing is an exceptionally unsafe undertaking and it might likewise include death toll. Robotics is the rising answer to ensure the safety of the surroundings and human lives. Fire extinguishing robot is an equipment model which can be utilized for extinguishing the fire amid flame mischances. It can decrease the blunders and constraints confronted by the people during the extinguishing process. Our outlined robot can seek the zone, find the fire and extinguish it before it turns out to be out of control. It can explore the building while effectively checking for fire. It can be operated remotely by any individual from anyplace on the planet using mobile phone or a laptop. The robot which we have proposed in this paper has discovered its application in flame dousing operations amid flame mishaps where the likelihood of the servicemen to enter the fire inclined region is less.

Keywords: Fire Fighting Robot, sensors, pump, robotics, fire extinguishing, Raspberry Pi, camera.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10449

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