Abstract: Lab experiments were carried out to characterize laterite soil in the soil mixture and its properties were evaluated to determine safe bearing capacity. Investigation was carried by changing the proportions of different soil in the soil mixture. The bearing capacity of soil was evaluated by employing standard footing dimensions and method, with regards to how mineralogy affects soil. It has considerable impact on the soils bearing ability.

The findings of Experimental, analytical, numerical evaluations of soil mixture are documented in the literature. The application of the advanced decision making techniques is required for the geotechnical engineering design to produce the optimum outcomes. This work can be a guideline to apply soil mixed design in geotechnical engineering to improve the subsoil quality. Mixed soil technique can be employed for accurate understanding failure mitigation of soil foundation. By understanding all factors, which effected to soil, could be starting way of the improvement of any soil. ANN analysis of the study can be done.

Keywords: Bearing capacity, Mixed soil, Mechanical properties, ANN.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10924

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