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Abstract: Fundamental Analysis is extremely important for any organization in order to find out the financial health and the stability of it. When it comes to Bank it’s even more important since bank does not only deal with its owner’s capital, but also with the money of the Public. It is an obligation of the Banks to undergo a thorough Fundamental Analysis in order to let know its members and customers the financial condition the bank is in.

The present study is about the Fundamental Analysis of Hanumanthanagar co-operative bank. There is a need to understand the banks financial stability since it is necessary for the members to understand it. In the present study we have taken various factors of the Bank to understand it in detail. Starting with the Analysis of the Financial Statements, using CAMEL rating and then comparing it with the Urban cooperative Banks in India, We have made an attempt to see whether the Bank is improving and how sensitive it is with the change in the industry.

Keywords: Fundamental Analysis, Urban Cooperative Banks, CAMEL rating

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2022.9802

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