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Abstract: The investor is an important stakeholder who invest in a company. Generally the investors invest as per their predictions of the market which means either bullish or bearish predictions.The investors understands that the relationship between risk & return is a direct one , the higher the risk higher the return , the lower the risk the lower the return . The investors can be categorized based on their risk taking capacities The investors before investing in the market do a proper analysis of the companies and decide where to invest . The investors now a days rather than investing in single securities end up building their own portfolios using various assets.The portfolio generally comprises of multiple assets such as shares , debentures , bonds , exchange traded funds , derivatives , depository receipts , fixed deposits , mutual funds ,etc .For doing the analysis the investor ends up having a fundamental approach and a technical approach .Fundamental approach related to the use of bas parameters such as ratios , returns , risk to prepare and evaluate a portfolio .Technical analysis is a real time analysis which gives the investor an insight about the market conditions using various charts , patterns , theories ,etc . Technical analysis can be explained with the help of Dow Jones Theory , Elliot Wave Theory , Efficient Market Hypothesis . Technical analysis is a point of study which many experts use to ensure getting a transparency in the portfolios

Keywords: Portfolios , Risk , Fundamental & Technical analysis

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.81031

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