Abstract:- Vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines. They both have their advantages and disadvantages and the purpose of this project is to help you choose the right system for your application. Horizontal axis wind turbine dominates the majority of the wind industry. Horizontal axis means the rotating axis of the wind turbine is horizontal, or parallel with the ground. In big wind application, horizontal axis wind turbines are almost all you will ever see. However, in small wind and residential wind applications, vertical axis turbines have their place. The advantage of horizontal wind is that it is able to produce more electricity from a given amount of wind. vertical axis turbines are primarily used in small wind projects and residential applications. This niche comes from the OEM’s claims of a vertical axis turbines ability to produce well in tumultuous wind conditions. Vertical axis turbines are powered by wind coming from all 360 degrees, and even some turbines are powered when the wind blows from top to bottom.

Keywords :- Wind Ventilator , Dynamo, PIC Microcontroller, Lead acid battery, Simple Generator.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.86126

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