ABSTRACT: It is a well-established fact strongly supported by various studies that the occurrence of any sort of disorder since birth is a result of some or the other interference with the genetic setup of the child. Whether it is a direct inheritance from affected people in the family or any condition that enhances the already present yet recessive trait in the child. Time and again since the discovery of these learning disabilities it is the area of interest of the scientists and the researchers as to what sort of alterations in the genes cause such abnormalities. Many studies have been conducted to understand the reason behind the occurrence of such abnormalities in the children. It is still a matter of great curiosity that we are still far away from the conclusion that these learning disabilities are due to an alteration in a certain gene or set of genes and the change in the structure and number of chromosomes present in the cell and the exact reason for any such alteration. Time and again relentless research is being carried out to get to the root cause of the disability so that the children suffering from this and their parents are provided help at the earliest and adequate counselling. This paper is an attempt to get an insight at the role of genes and chromosomes in the occurrence of learning disorders in individuals.

KEY WORDS: learning disability, recessive, abnormalities, alteration, genes, chromosomes

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8850

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