Abstract: The electromagnetic profiling in the Sunshine Garden Estate, Oba-Ile has contributed to a better understanding of the basement complex terrain of Southwestern Nigeria. The use of Electromagnetic profiling for both water quality evaluations and groundwater resource mapping has increased significantly over the years. The EM profiling has proved very common with groundwater investigation because it helps to identify subsurface structures yielding groundwater and also helps in delineating groundwater contaminated zone The result shows values of the filtered imaginary vary from -35.1 to 64.8 while that of the raw real ranges from -19 to 35.1 across the study area. The profiles for the EM sections contain small filtered anomaly in the imaginary part and significant maxima in the real part. Zones with peak positive filtered real anomalies are considered priority areas for groundwater development in the study area since its correlates with zones of high conductivity which is a characteristic of water filled faults or fractures Sites with high electromagnetic anomaly (high positive filtered real anomaly) as shown in the EM profile can be expected to be aquifers, implying locations suitable for the groundwater development in the study area 

Keywords: Electromagnetic profiling, Basement complex, Groundwater, Groundwater Development, Conductivity, Anomaly

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2019.6404

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