Abstract: A wide range of multimedia services like mobile streaming, video conferencing and broadcasting models are the challenges especially when speaking about streaming a video over low bit rate channel, that requires great compression performance, in addition, network friendly scheme, so H.264 and transcoding technique is proposed as solution for streaming video over constant bitrate channel. ADSL and Wimax network is evolving as a appropriate solution to cover long distance areas. In this project an effort has been made to show the behavior of video streaming over ADSL and wimax Network. In this work, we have studied the different QoS requests of applications such as video conferencing, video on demand.  Throughput, packet loss, delay and jitter performances of different applications have been examined over wimax and ASDL.  Networks are simulated using OPNET 14.5.
Keyword: H.264, WiMAX, Buffer, Qos, OPNET 14.5, ADSL Network

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2018.586

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