ABSTRACT: Robotics is one of the emerging technologies in the current science field. Robots are nowadays being used in many different areas to make some complicated works easier in industrial areas, for military purposes, etc. Several universities are working in this field. A robot can perform many physical tasks using human control. Many robots are being developed to work in dangerous conditions which are impossible for humans to do directly, one of them is the Robotic arm. This research aim is to describe simple robot arms that must be controlled by human hand movements. The main component of the system is an accelerometer which depends on the gestures of the hands. With the accelerometer, the data signal which is received is processed with help of Arduino used. The microcontroller is the one that gives the command to therefore move in the desired direction. Here it has technologies of robotics and communications together used. The robot arms can be semi-autonomous which is being used to perform a variety of tasks with great accuracy.

KEYWORDS: Robotics, Accelerometer, Microcontroller, Arduino

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8752

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