Abstract: Since the emergence of the Automation is a trending  in the 21st century making it to play an important role in our daily lifes. The main attraction of any automated system is reducing human labor ,time and errors due to human negligence . With the development of modern technology ,smart phones have become very important for all humans . Applications are being built on android systems that are useful to us in various ways. Another upcoming technology is natural language processing which enables us to use command and control devices with our voice.

Combining all of these ,our paper presents a microcontroller based voice controlled home automation system using smart phones. Such a system will enable users to have control over every appliance in his/her home with their voice. All that the user needs is an android smartphone,. When the first computers came around ,achieving the level of sophistication so as to narrate commands using voice to a machine was only realised in science fiction and movies. However  with tremendous evolution  in this field, we are at great enthsiasm using voice to interface with devices.

Keywords: Bluetooth Hc05, Audino UNO, DC Motor,12V 4Channel Relay Module.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10693

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