Abstract: The paper explains the identification of keystone plant species supporting avifauna of Alagar Hills, Eastern Ghats, India. Extended feeding observations were made on three Ficus species namely Ficus benghalensis, Ficus racemosa and Ficus religiosa. A total of eleven bird species were feeding on figs (3 species). Highest number of bird species was observed on Ficus benghalensis (9 species) followed by 7 species on
Ficus racemosa, and 6 species on Ficus religiosa. 466 feeding observations were made on the three Ficus species, Ficus benghalensis constituted (209), Ficus racemosa constituted (137) and Ficus religiosa constituted (120) in 36 hours individually.

Key words: Ficus, keystone species, Avifauna, Alagar hills, Eastern Ghats, India

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8888

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