ABSTRACT: Various technologies are being invented and used by Human Civilization which supports day to day activities. The adoption of technology is limited and has adverse effects on environment and human civilization. Green technologies encompass various aspects of technology which help us to reduce bad effect the human impact on the environment and create ways of sustainable development. Social equitability, economic feasibility and sustainability are the key parameters for green technologies. Today the environment is racing towards the tipping point at which we would have done permanent irreversible damage to the planet earth. Green technologies are an approach towards saving earth. Thus both its positives and negatives need to be investigated. Green technology uses renewable natural resources that never depletes. Green technology uses new and innovative energy generation techniques. Green nanotechnology that uses green engineering and green chemistry is one of the latest in green technologies. One of the important factors for environmental pollution is the disposal of waste. Green technology has answers to that as well. It can effectively change waste pattern and production in a way that it does not harm the planet and we can go green. Among the possible areas where these creations and growth are expected to come from include green energy, organic agriculture, eco-friendly textiles, green building constructions, and manufacturing of related products and materials to support green business. Because this is but new to the industry, it is also expected to attract new customers who will see the many advantages of using green technologies in their homes and others. Besides other forms of green technology in field of generation of energy are done by solar power and fossil fuel. These have no adverse effect on the planet and it won’t replenish. So future generation can also benefit from them without harming the planet. This paper focuses on the advantages of green technology and the benefits that can be accrued out of it.

Keywords: Green technology, Renewable energy, green chemistry, eco-friendly technology, organic Farming

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8893

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