Abstract: In India most of the population lives in village and they depend on agricultural farming for their livelihood. In these days exercises related to developing or farm watering are the main social practice and the most work escalated task. No matter whichever atmosphere it is, either hot, dry, shady, or wet, you need to have the choice to control the proportion of water that shows up at your plants. Present-day watering systems could be effectively used to water plants when they need it. Nonetheless, this manual methodology of watering requires two huge perspectives to be considered, when and how much water. To replace manual activities and make work more straightforward, a programmed automatic irrigation system is made. It uses the development to distinguish the dampness level of the dirt and naturally water the plant when there is no dampness perceived in the dirt. This system can be also used at big Agricultural farms.

Keywords: Irrigation, Arduino, Soil Moisture Sensor, Relay Module, Bluetooth

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.71019

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