Abstract: Human resources are the most potent sources in any organisation. The questions that every leader should consider are how to attract excellent staff and to achieve the goals of organisation. Personnel coaching is a major feature of Human Resource Management (HRM). It is a way for regulation to learn more about their workers and a way to help them become more efficient at what they do. Business success is partially ensured with the support of Human Resources Management. The goal of this research project is to help every hotel employee understand the relevance of staff training. Human Resources Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, and employee training are covered in the theoretical section. In the theory section, topics such as staff training, its value, and the benefits it provides are covered. The empirical element of the study includes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies of Fairfield by Marriott Hotel, with 53 respondents. The findings of the study indicate that employees do not entirely comprehend the need of personnel coaching; as a result, the hotel might undergo jeopardy if workers does not take training effort fully.

Keywords: - Human Resource Management, Staff training, Hotel industry

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8710

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