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Abstract: The aim of study is to investigate the effect of seismic isolation on the seismic response of bridge components. In this study, RC T-Beam bridges with Elastomeric bridge bearing is modeled and analyzed to get the seismic response of bridge components. With reference to this, 105 bridge models with variations in bearing stiffnesses and pier heights are modeled and analyzed with help of Structural Analysis Program 2000 Software. Time history analysis of bridge is conducted for 1940 Imperial Valley earthquake ground motion record for X, Y and Z components. It is found from analysis results that the peak responses; Base shear and Acceleration decreases with the increase in the flexibility of piers and decks and also with the decrease in bearing stiffness.

Keywords: Bridge bearing, El-Centro Earthquake, FEA method, RC T-Beam Bridge, Seismic Response, Time History Analysis

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2020.7814

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