Abstract: The monitoring of children has had a significant impact on modern parenting in many ways. Our research focuses on the pertinent issues parents have when trying to watch over and care for their kids while working. By creating an IOT-based Smart Cradle monitoring System that will help Parents watch their children, this project intends to lessen the difficulties faced by parents. This cradle has a swinging mechanism that swings automatically in response to a baby's cries. An integrated camera is part of the proposed smart cradle, giving parents access to constant monitoring. For the purpose of modernizing an existing cradle, an Arduino, sound sensors, a wetness sensor, a swinging mechanism, and other electrical parts are employed. This project is much more dependable and efficient, and it can produce results that are superior to those of a traditional cradle.

Keywords: : Infant, Security Purpose, Smart Cradle system, Temperature, moisture sensor, cry Detection, node mcu, baby monitoring system, IOT

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2023.10579

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