ABSTRACT: Over the last few years, with every enhancement in Internet in terms of speed and bandwidth, IOT (Internet Of things) is taking the market on a new node and knocking the door with new opportunities of inventions. The advent of IOT has alleviated major issues of people living in rural and urban areas. It has expanded its feathers almost in all areas of applications such as Smart Homes, Smart Farming, Smart Retail, Smart Health Monitoring Systems, Automobile Industry, and Smart Cities. The proposed work is mainly focused on providing solution to one of the smart city problem which is vehicle parking Management System. The proposed work is implemented using Node MCU, Ultrasonic Sensors, Wi-Fi Module and Google maps. The proposed system is designed to track the vacant parking slots through the IOT technology utilizing mobile application/website. The Wi-Fi Module is used to send the information to the server. The proposed work will reduce the time and exertion of looking for empty parking slots. Finally, detailed results were presented in this paper.

KEYWORDS: Automated Parking, NodeMCU, IR sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, Blynk app, Internet of Things (IOT).

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8884

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