ABSTRACT: In India, 70% of its people are in the agriculture sector. The remaining 30% of people are an inseparable part of this field. Because from agriculture, we get various raw materials and especially crops, which serve as a staple food for people. But The crops and plantations get destroyed mainly due to two major reasons, first reason is destruction by natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, drought, famine, etc. and second reason is the destruction by the pathogens.98% of the destruction is caused by the pathogens and 2% of the destruction happens due to natural calamities. So, the need for the plant disease detection was felt. The traditional methods were inaccurate and not effective. So various researches in this field lead to inclusion of image processing for accurate detection of disease by using plant leaf. Various spots, patterns on plant leaf are useful in detecting the disease. Further advancement was use of digital image processing for more accurate result.

Keywords: Plant disease detection, Image processing.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8759

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