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Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has set the public eye on researchers, scientists and doctors who are working meticulously care for Covid patients, research on medicines and to develop vaccine for the virus and formulate health and safety conventions. Along with these people, innovative engineers who are being a part of the cause by inventing several interesting designs and products to make the combat the virus easier and to treat people safer. The usage of masks is very much essential for everyone nowadays to protect ourselves. The timely availability is much important. In schools and colleges or in public places like railway stations, airports, bus stations while travelling people might find it difficult to find the stores or shops selling to get a mask. Hence it is necessary to have a vending machine for easy access and availability at all times. This paper discusses the concept of an automated smart vending machine. The flexible Internet of Things (IoT) platform involves high customizability with a good Prognostics & Health Management media. An implementation of the framework is worked upon, discussing the design of a mask-dispensing unit that can be used in schools, colleges and other public places of medium to a large gathering. The mask can be dispensed without any human intervention at the same time as maintaining high levels of well-being and reducing the cause of virus spread.

Keywords: COVID-19, Smart Dispensing Machine, Mask, IoT

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IARJSET.2021.8946

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